Despite the increased number of sightings, it feels like we are still seeing some new details every other Tesla Model 3 sighting or so.

In a new sighting today, we can see for the first time – albeit not with the greatest angle – the folded back seat of the Model 3.

Tesla had already confirmed that the back seats of the Model 3 would fold and result in 5’6” of space from the back of the front seats to the end of the trunk.

When the seats are up, the Model 3 has 14 cu ft (400 liters) of front and rear trunk cargo volume, which is on par with other vehicles in its segment.

A vehicle that was spotted at a Tesla facility on Kato Road near the Fremont factory with the rear seats clearly detached from the back, but it’s no clear how flat they are folding from that angle:

almosttan, who shared the images on Reddit, said that they were taken from Facebook by a Tesla employee with the clear intention not to show the interior. Considering the location is believed to be where the Model 3 release candidates are being assembled, it could be one of the latest prototypes built with production-intent tools.

It does show some much tighter panel gaps than what we have been used to with recent Model 3 sightings, which should be encouraging for Model 3 reservation holders considering Tesla is just weeks away from the planned start of production.

Source : Reddit/Electrek/Redux