Despite Tsla delaying its wider over-the-air  rollout of latest Autopilot 2.0 update previously planned for last week is delayed, some owners still got it and then tested it on road. We get first preview of CEO Elon Musk’s Smooth as Silk control Algorithm.

This update introduces improvements to Autosteer and TACC and includes new features as automatic perpendicular parking and automatic display brightness adjustments  to the second generation hardware equipped vehicles. The first gen vehicles already had those features but some re-programming was required for new hardware and new computer vision architecture.

In its current form, Autopilot is still geared for Highway and is definitely where it excels. It can still be used on single lane roads. A Tesla Model S 90D owner Erik from Norway has been testing few previous updates on same small road to have a better chance on gauging the performance improvement. He is noticed improvement in the way Autosteer handles turns with deceleration and while keeping his lane. Below is video from Erik’s Youtube channel

The new Autopilot only failed once to stay in lane during a turn reminding to always staying vigilant. It is improving fast but still far from what we expect from a Autopilot system.

With this update, Tesla also worked on improving cyclist detection however they are marked as cars on on screen display instead of cyclist. Most importantly Autopilot was slowing down for them, it is expected to be corrected in future releases where renders for cyclists will also be present.

The risk of an accident with Autopilot’s cyclist detection was something that recently came up in news,  it was mostly blown out of proportions.Autopilot even detected someone in roller skates at some point in Erik’s test drive.After the new delay, it’s not clear when Tesla plans to push to update to the entire fleet over-the-air, but we will update when we get more information.