Intel on its official Twitter account announced today¬†that its first CPU micro-architecture built on its upcoming 10 nanometer silicon fab process, the 9th generation Core “Cannon Lake,” is on track.¬† Intel also announced that its second micro-architecture on the new 10 nm process, codenamed “Ice Lake,” is taped out.

Facing stiff competition after years from AMD’s Ryzen,Intel is frantically upgrading its product lineup, beginning with the new “Basin Falls” HEDT platform early-Summer 2017, followed by its 14 nm “Coffee Lake” 8th generation Core series late-Summer. “Coffee Lake” sees the first six-core SKUs to Intel’s mainstream desktop lineup, which has until now, been restricted to dual-core and quad-core parts.

“Cannon Lake” is essentially a die-shrink of “Coffee Lake” to the 10 nm process, and one can’t expect huge micro-architecture changes, besides maybe higher clock speeds or lower TDP. “Ice Lake,” on the other hand, is expected to be a major micro-architecture update of the kind “Skylake” is to “Broadwell.” With its silicon taped-out, one can expect a mid-thru-late 2018 product roll-out, if the 10 nm execution goes as planned for Intel.

Source : Intel