nvidia-gtx-1080-ti-featuredThe Pascal-based NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti has been spotted being shipped out for testing and the leaked document reportedly revealed, as expected, of flagship graphics card specifications – GP102 core, 384-bit memory bus, 16nm process node and up to 10GB worth of vRAM. And if the shared shipping manifest will prove correct, the touted AMD Radeon RX 490 rival will sell for no more than $1000.

It looks like that the GTX 1080 Ti will be cheaper than the TITAN-X. Pointing to a paper that showed the GTX 1080 Ti was shipped from China on November 8, the report said that basing on the insurance value listed for the upcoming GPU, the sticker price will be more attractive compared to the TITAN-X. GTX 1080 Ti is unlikely to exceed the $1000 price mark, the report added.

The GTX 1080 Ti is also soon to mark the mainstream debut of the GP102 core but the same report made clear that the exact GPU core configuration remains unknown. “The TITAN-X itself has 3584 cores while the GTX 1080 has 2560. Either the GP102 part will have a configuration that is somewhere in between or it will have the same die as the TITAN-X (unlikely). There is a very slim possibility that Nvidia decides to go ahead with a full-fledged core,” the report said.

The shipping document also revealed of 10240 MB GDDR memory, which WCCFTech said “is a solid 10 GBs worth of vRAM,” for the GTX 1080 Ti though in previous reports that card is said to be loaded with 12GB of memory chip. It should be noted too that the shipping details were unclear on the specific type of GDDR that will be used but the reported hinted that it could be GDDR5 or GDDR5X.

The GTX 1080 Ti is listed with 384-bit of memory bus but per the same report “it remains to be seen whether the full configuration will be active.”

WCCFTech also predicted that basing on the core characteristics being attributed to the NVIDIA card so far power consumption could be inside of the 270W range, provided the memory is of the GDDR5X type. Or “the consumption should fall within the power budget of 250W … if NVIDIA shifts to HBM2 for the GTX 1080 Ti,” the report added.

The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti release date, however, was not mentioned in the leaked shipping document but speculations are rife that the market introduction will happen as early as January 2017. In contrast, the card’s rival – the AMD Radeon RX 490 – is tipped to come out November of the same year, according to a report.

Source: MR