UK yesterday voted in a historical referendum whether to remain in EU or not. Finally the results are here & guess what UK votes to leave EU.

With a 72.2% turnout from 46+ Million registered voters ,51.9% of people voting for leave decided that fate of Brexit. According to the BBC the first results were expected around midnight on 23 June, with the full results by breakfast time on 24 June. Gibraltar was the first British voting zone to report the voting results, ending in a “Remain” vote for the British Overseas Territory.Though initially behind, Leave scored early victories in England, including a significant win in Sunderland by a margin of more than 20%, pulling ahead in the general count. However, Remain soon retook a small lead with wide-margin wins in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and London. The BBC since projected a win for the Leave campaign.

Results received a disapproval of many in EU.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was more damning of his criticism of the EU saying that the biggest lesson from Britain’s Brexit is that “Brussels must hear the voice of the people.”

“Why is Hungary in the EU? Hungary is in the EU because we believe in a strong Europe,” Orban added.

“But Europe is strong only if it can give answers to major issues such as immigration that would strengthen Europe itself and not weaken it. The EU failed to give these answers.” 

The result in the British referendum has galvanized nationalist parties across Europe, with France’s far right National Front party calling for the country to hold a vote on European Union membership.

“Victory for freedom!” FN chief Marine Le Pen said. “We now need to hold the same referendum in France and in (other) EU countries.”