Image is Loading....Sony Ericsson is poised to launch an Android-based, PSP Go gaming smartphone, according to reports. It is understood the smartphone, which is rumoured for an October launch, will run Google’s Android 3.0 Gingerbread operating system along with PlayStation’s own gaming eco system. According to reports, Sony’s PSP Go-like smartphone is a landscape slider with a gaming D-pad and instead of a joystick, a long touchpad.

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It will have 1GHz Snapdragon microprocessor and a screen size of between 3.7-inch and 4.1-inches with at least WVGA resolution. Sony is understood to be working closely with Google on the gaming phone.

In January 2009, Mobile revealed that Sony had refused to allow Sony Ericsson the use of its PlayStation brand, after the handset manufacturer presented a pitch to the board in late 2008. Sony Ericsson had been planning to develop a PSP phone to capitalise on the growing success of the gaming sector

It has been claimed by Sony Ericsson that Sony will only allow the use of its brand if the experience on a proposed handset is sufficiently high enough and matches the experience of Sony’s standalone devices.