Image is Loading....Nokia and Intel will set up a new research centre in Finland to focus on improving the usability of devices, starting with 3D. The site, which will focus on 3D user interface technologies, is part of wider partnership between the two companies. Researchers said 3D services on mobile phones would not require the use of separate glasses.

In February, Nokia and Intel announced a joint software venture, MeeGo.The pair said today (24 August) that the joint venture, which is viewed as crucial for Nokia to improve its position at the top-end of the handset market, had got off to a solid start, with ‘positive’ take up.

MeeGo, merges Nokia’s Linux Maemo software platform with Intel’s Moblin, which is also based on Linux open-source software. Nokia’s Symbian operating system has yet to attract a mass uptake by software developers in the face of tough competition from Apple and Google’s Android.