According to The Nokia Blog, the Nokia C6 has received a new firmware update. The new update 11.0.029 can be downloaded from NSU / OTA and says the provide better software stability. Note that it may take a few days before the new firmware is available in your country (depending on your phones product code).Image is Loading.... Known changes are:-


  • Browser baseline updated, about 250 corrections
  • Widgets are leaking RAM, amount of memory leak decreased a lot
  • MPX Harvester stopped scanning when encounters File System corruption or other issues
  • Improvement to refreshing library in Music player
  • Securewidgetpreinstaller slows phone start
  • Boot up improved in production


  • Mail for Exchange: calendar sync improved
  • E-mail message gets scrambled by Email – forwarded or replied email are scrambled and full of foreign (mostly Chinese) characters
  • Special characters are not displayed correctly in opened mail


  • Big Clock not shown when device lock activated
  • Device lock fixed