Expose-like multitasking for iOS! Works with iOS4, and iPad! Totally rewritten for speed, reliability, a redesigned interface, and iOS4! Multifl0w shows all open apps (up to 9) on the same screen, for easy and quick task switching. The tabs are re-arrangeable, just drag an drop! In iOS4, Multifl0w can work alongside or totally replace Appleā€™s task switcher! Also compatible on iOS 3.1.X, just be sure to install the free app Backgrounder. Also, on iOS4, Backgrounder enables more customization so you can get the multitasking style you want.

Image is Loading....Whats new:

* You can display the background image in Ios 4

* Option to display a small square icon in the snapshot application

Multifl0w: Expose like multitasking for iPhone 4, iOS4, and iPad!


9 + applications * Fixed crashing issue times

* Fixed to open the LockScreen, and conflicts iPod controls

Fixed Multifl0w get automatically assigned to double tap LockScreen

* Stationary applications that do not appear in the background when using a method not involving the start button activator

* Stationary applications sometimes do not kill you in iOS4

* Fixed preferences not get charged if the user has not changed

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Name: Multifl0w | Download from:Cydia | Price: 5$