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Apple will open its largest retail store in Covent Garden on Saturday (7 August). The flagship store, which is the company’s second flagship in the UK, has three floors open to the public. It follows Apple’s flagship in Regent Street, which has the highest traffic of any of its stores in the world. Apple said the Covent Garden store will also have the largest supply of iPads and iPhone 4s of any Apple retail outlet.

On the ground floor is the Mac Zone, the iPhone Zone, the iPod Zone and the iPad Zone. The next floor features a ‘Start up Area’, where consumers can get products set up in store for the first time. The first floor also features a ‘Genius Bar’ for Apple fans to discuss their love for the manufacturer and all things geeky – and a ‘Kids Zone’ to be used by schools.

The top floor features the largest selection of Apple accessories and software and a ‘Briefing Room’ for business users. The manufacturer opened flagships in Paris in June this year and in Shanghai in July. CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said: ‘With the phenomenal footfall of the Apple shop at Regent Street it was obviously irresistible to Apple to open another retail outlet in the UK.

‘Covent Garden will compliment Regent Street with a new audience of international visitors

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