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Android’s UK market share has grown by more than 10% in a quarter, latest GfK figures show. Android handsets now make up 13.2% of the market, compared with 3% in Q1 2010. The increase in market share equates to a 350% increase in the sale of Android phones, despite contract sales growing by less than 1%.

GfK analyst Megan Baldock said: ‘The figures suggest an increasing number of consumers are now asking for Android handsets by name. Operating Systems are no longer simply a by-product but a key selling point in their own right.’

Meanwhile, the figures from GfK also show an increase in the number of customers buying handsets with advanced operating systems. GfK defines an advanced operating system as a platform that can run independent compatible applications.

Phones with advanced operating systems represented 73.5% of the contract market in June. When the advanced operating system is compared quarter by quarter, GfK found an increase from 55% of the contract market in Q1 2010 to 66.7% in Q2 2010.