The Pirate Bay is suffering temporary downtime as their bandwidth provider has stopped passing through traffic. A week ago, Hollywood got an injunction to effectively shut down the Pirate Bay by threatening its provider with huge fines. TPB team is currently working on a solution.

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A few days ago came in news that several major Hollywood studios had obtained a preliminary injunction against CyberBunker operator CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG from the Regional Court of Hamburg.

CB3ROB and Managing Director Sven Olaf Kamphuis are now prohibited from connecting TPB & its Servers to Internet.

Kamphuis officially confirmed receiving the injunction yesterday and stopped routing  TPB’s traffic until his lawyers have carefully read and reviewed the legal documents.It resulted in downtime for the world’s largest BitTorrent site.

A TPB insider told  that they are not planning to wait for a decision from the Cyberbunker, and that they’ve already set the backup process in motion which will bring the site back online. The Pirate Bay’s servers are untouched and getting the site up and running only requires the routing (IP-tunnel) to go through another provider.

After the raid,back in 2006, the site operators have taken extreme care to ensure that there are proper backup mechanisms in place and that the locations of the servers are well concealed. Where the servers are actually located remains a mystery.

Expected that site will return very soon in hours.


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