After disconnection from previous internet provider CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG due to Hollywood injunction,The Pirate Bay is fully operational now with new bandwidth provider TPP . Few hours ago, in a move intended to “stand up for freedom of expression”, the Swedish Pirate Party became the site’s new host.


After injunction obtained by Hollywood studios, yesterday bandwidth provider CB3ROB Ltd. & Co. KG disconnected TPB from internet while it digested the legal implications.

An insider at the site told that people shouldn’t worry, and that the site would soon return.

By start of play this morning that promise had been kept. In most of the globe, the world’s most resilient BitTorrent tracker was living up to its name by coming back online with a new and as yet unnamed host.

TPB-Homepage-2- As on 18/05/2010

The ISP has been identified as TPP (The Pirate Party) & which is a somewhat a surprising news.

“Today, on 18 May, the Swedish Pirate Party took over the delivery of bandwidth to The Pirate Bay,” says the Party’s Rick Falkvinge in a statement.

“We got tired of Hollywood’s cat and mouse game with the Pirate Bay so we decided to offer the site bandwidth,” he adds. “It is time to take the bull by the horns and stand up for what we believe is a legitimate activity.”

The Pirate Party say they will provide bandwidth to the site’s homepage and search engine.“The Pirate Bay is a search page, and as such it is not responsible for the results,” notes Falkvinge.

The Party adds the attempts at censoring The Pirate Bay “is an attempt to silence one of today’s most important opinion makers in matters of civil liberties and rights on the web,” adding that it is “nothing less than political censorship, and something that any democratic-minded person must reject.”

TPB blogs says that,”PLZ LEARN: TPB CANT BE SHUT DOWN”.Check Darkened letters on their Blog points to RIAA


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