RIAA  joins CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS in unveiling first-ever list of  NOTORIOUS ILLEGAL SITES.  TPB, isohunt, Baidu on top of the list.

RIAA LogoIn a meeting with US lawmakers, specifically those belonging to the International Anti-Piracy Caucus (IAPC), RIAA chairman and CEO Mitch Bainwol discussed a list of sites considered to be “notorious” and “illegal” (May 19). Did your favorite P2P site make the list? We’re betting that it did.

The IAPC, led by Orin Hatch, cited several countries where “lax” copyright policies are leading to the sustained influence of unauthorized websites are negatively impacting the music industry’s economy. The usual suspects listed were “China, Russia, Mexico, Canada and Spain” and were deemed “Top Priority Countries” & China’s Baidu, Canada’s IsoHunt, Ukraine’s mp3fiesta, Germany’s RapidShare, Luxembourg’s RMX4U.com and Sweden’s The Pirate Bay as  “Top Priority Sites”.

Not sure whether this is the full list or not but here the websites that are deemed notorious & illegal.